• Studio M Lemon Flower Round Plate - 21cm

Studio M Lemon Flower Round Plate - 21cm

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"Ravigote" tableware series has been designed inspired by French ravigote sauce, and it has vintage vibes as if it had been made in established kilns in France for centuries. Made of earthenware and subtly accentuated by white slip decorative coating, it looks very atmospheric due to softness and many shades of white. The flower patterns are individually hand painted by our artisan. Its floral shape and painting will make you feel happy and uplifted, indeed. 

W209mm/ D209mm/ H26mm

Made in Seto region, Japan

About Brand Studio M by Marumitsu Poterie Co.

Founded in 1950, Marumitsu Poterie started as a local ceramic wholesaler. The idea of creating originally designed products came in 1985.

Kenji Kato, the Founder, realized that there is a certain kind of tableware which makes you want to eat some specific food, and drink some specific beverages. 

This was the starting point of our original brand Studio M’ and the concept “Meals are delightful”.