• Magazine B: The Shop

Magazine B: The Shop

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"Some might wonder why we chose to highlight brick-and-mortar shops amid our new normal. Since the onset of the pandemic, we’ve experienced firsthand the wonderful world of e-commerce. However, our restricted lifestyles have also helped us realize what kind of person we are, and subsequently, what gives us strength to keep going. For example, some people get energy from the ambience of a restaurant or its bustling environment more than the food. And some people enjoy the process of discovering new things in a brick-and-mortar shop more than the actual products. It doesn’t matter how great e-commerce services or algorithms get—these experiences will be forever nonpareil.

What our correspondents and editors discovered at each different shop encourages us to visualize what makes us feel good. Perusing items that the owners curated with care, sharing the thrill that other shoppers experience while searching for that special something, holding an item in the hand and feeling its weight but still being indecisive on whether to buy it or not. Perhaps we go to shops for the innumerable micro-experiences and activations that can only happen in these physical spaces. Optimistic that brick-and-mortar shops around the world will triumph over these hard times and offer even richer interactions in the future, we invite you to The Shop in search of hopeful clues."