• HASAMI Family Collection PLATE MINI - Asterisk
  • HASAMI Family Collection PLATE MINI - Asterisk

HASAMI Family Collection PLATE MINI - Asterisk

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This product comes with one plate shown in the first photo. The second photo is a reference for a set of five. 

It is a plate of a size that is frequently used on a daily basis. A size that can also be used as a mug saucer. The back of the flat plate has concentric irregularities and is designed to be easy to hold.
Five patterns with symbols such as exclamation marks and colons.

There are two types of patterns, one with typography and patterns designed inside the squares, and the other with House's typical pattern brace (curly braces). A square plate with beautiful shades of blue.

House Industries' mid-century-like pop and sophisticated design. It is a tableware with a fun design that makes you want to have an excellent family as an interior.

The traditional blue Kuresu paint, which goes well with food and brings out the ingredients, uses a type that has a little iron content and is browned. In addition, because it uses a technique called copper plate transfer, unique transfer deviations, rubbing, and chipping are seen, and the finish is tasteful in combination with the details of the paint.

The dough is thickly formed so that it will not crack easily even if it is handled a little rough. Since the dough is made by applying heat and pressure, it is dense, strong and sturdy. It is a practical tableware that can be stacked and stored compactly.

Size: φ15.5 × H1.5cm 

Additional information:


  • Since it is painted by a technique called copper plate transfer, bleeding, chipping, misalignment, unevenness, etc. may be seen in the print, but please enjoy it as a taste of the product.
  • We use paints that are easy to burn in order to give it a texture. Please note that the paint has dark areas, shine, and shades, but it is a good product.
  • It may crack due to sudden temperature changes, so return it to room temperature when heating in a microwave oven. Also, do not suddenly immerse a hot container in water.
  • There is a risk of cracking due to partial temperature changes, so be careful not to cause the temperature to rise partially.