• Guy De Jean Compact Umbrella with Rabbit Head Handle-Black

Guy De Jean Compact Umbrella with Rabbit Head Handle-Black

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This folding umbrella offers a manual opening with a handle in the shape of a vivid rabbit head. It provides protection for you in rain or shine. The umbrella comes with a cover.

This umbrella is handmade in Donzy, France.

Closed length: 29 cm
Open diameter: 95 cm
Weight: 315 grams

About Guy De Jean

In 1920 Aunt Agathe made umbrellas and parasols in the old fashioned way in a shop in Paris. Two decades later, Guy de Jean, a young new wave stylist visiting Paris, met his future wife Christiane and gave birth to the Guy de Jean brand and style. Very quickly, due to the development of the business, Mr. Madame Guy de Jean settled in a small village in central France "Donzy", near Paris and the well-known villages of Pouilly-sur-Loire and Sancerre. In 1990, Mr. Pierre de Jean took over the management of the business to give it a more international dimension. His wife Catherine joined him very quickly. Since then, the collections, always very creative and varied, have continued to evolve, with ever more originality and elegance. New techniques, new ideas, the choice of fabrics, handles, know-how and style specific to Guy de Jean, thus ensure a growing development and a recognized notoriety of the biggest names.