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Koishiwara Pottery 小石原烧 - Bread Plate (BR02)

Koishiwara Pottery 小石原烧 - Bread Plate (BR02)

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A practical size for your breakfast-- bread, omelette, or treat yourself with a cake, muffin or it is just a salad plate.

Designed for both Asian & western style dishes.

Please note:

Each piece is handmade, sculptured and glazed by craftsmen. Unlike industrial ceramic, none of Koishiwara items are 100% identical. Koishwara is inviting you to experience the "imperfect perfection", which lies in part of Japanese culture.

About the brand:

Each item of Koishiwara pottery was handmade by experienced craftsmen in a town in Fukuoka (福冈), Kyushu (九州). Koishiwara is well-known for its homely warmth of clay and unique patterns of sculpture. 

The origin could be dated back to the early stage of Edo Period (1603-1868). It has gained popularity during hundreds of years. In early of 20th century Koishiwara Pottery was launched to aim for the new Japanese Mingei  (民艺 /Folk Craft) with combination with modernism.

Bowls, plates, cups – they all may look simple and unadorned, but none of them  is exactly the same---this makes your exact choice one of a kind.


Approximately diameters: 21cm * 4.5cm H

How To Care for Your Ceramics

◎Soak well in water before the initial use to make it stain resistant
◎After use, clean with dish washing detergent, etc. as soon as possible and thoroughly dry in the shade.
If the ceramic tableware is not dried well and stored in a cupboard, mold may form, resulting in black stains.
◎Surface cracking may develop in the glaze. This is a characteristic of ceramics resulting from different shrinkages between the glaze and clay.
To prevent penetration of stains in the cracking, soak ceramic tableware in water before every use.

Koishiwara Pottery ceramics are individually hand crafted, and therefore the tone and shape may not be exactly the same from one to another.
This is one of the charming features and a testament to the fact that each piece is handcrafted.

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