Collection: Origami Dripper

ORIGAMI products are designed and developed with baristas who continues to seek the best tools to pour out the best coffee. 

ORIGAMI dripper is made with Minoyaki boasting 400 years of history. The porcelain has high thermal conductivity and is the most suitable material for steaming.

By creating a beautiful "conical structure", it increases the time for coffee powder to be soaked into hot water which maximizes the absorption. This allows you to draw the essential charm of beans thoroughly.

When dripping, the extraction time should not be too fast or too slow. It was calculated to be optimum. The result is the vertical groove engraved on the dripper of ORIGAMI. As many as 20 trenches secure the airway between the dripper and the paper, which stabilizes the flow of the drip speed and supports extracting with optimum streaming time.

Made in Japan.