Collection: Enrica

"Each item of clothing is created by the hands of several craftsmen, brought together in a unique production line. We attach great importance the precious encounters and creative opportunities that result from this collaboration.  


We use traditional quality fabrics created using natural materials, botanical dyes and local techniques that have been passed from generation to generation. Inspired by the idea of reviving these ancestral traditions, we take great pleasure in revisiting these materials and techniques with our new design. 


We would like to share this creative and collaborative spirit with our retailers, who relay our clothes to their clients, and with those who wear our clothes. This gives the customer a direct link with our craft workers and makes them an integral part of our production.

Each of our items comes with its own little envelope and a blank name tag which sits under the enrica label. Inside the envelope, you will find embroidery thread so you can stitch your own signature and make each piece your own."