• Supplement d'AM VALDEMOSA Scarf (Myosotis Ciel)
  • Supplement d'AM VALDEMOSA Scarf (Myosotis Ciel)

Supplement d'AM VALDEMOSA Scarf (Myosotis Ciel)

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90 x 200 cm

SUPPLEMENT D'’AM is a Parisian brand of fashion accessories (stoles, bags, jewelry) and stationery and wall decoration collections created by Agnes de La Moureyre. A colorful universe is developed there, combining distant horizons with a solid cultural roots, associating nomadism and cocooning.

A breath of authenticity and naturalness, a zest of escape and exoticism, for the sake of daring elegance, this is Am’s Supplement identity.
The AM Supplement woman is active, energetic and independent, elegant and natural; free from fashion conventions and irresistibly authentic, she enjoys a very chic cocooning ...

It was the discovery of India and its extraordinary craftsmanship that inspired Agnes to create her own collections. All the designs are exclusive, drawn in the Parisian workshop, each piece is made by hand, according to ancestral, artisanal know-how, from dyeing threads, spinning, weaving, printing techniques to frame (one per color), or the manufacture of pulp, so many guarantees of authenticity and humanity.

100% cotton.  Size: 90 x 190 cm.  Made in India.