• Rototo Double Face Socks Silk Cotton (Green/M.Beige)


Rototo Double Face Socks Silk Cotton (Green/M.Beige)

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This two layered sock is created using a rare specialist knitting machine that allows for two different yarns on the outside and inside of the sock. This sock is silk rich, the undyed silk is knitted into the pile of the inside of the sock. Silk is made of a protein similar to human skin creating a soft and gentle feel to the sock.


Size: S (23-25), M(25-27), L(27-29)

About Rototo:

RoToTo's socks are produced at a factory on Koryo Town, Nara Prefecture, which boasts the largest production of socks in Japan.  They work with craftsmen and discuss "manufacturing" at the site (factory).  They use a rare special knitting machine, which is limited in number in the world, an old-fashioned knitting machine that has not been computerized, and a state-of-the-art knitting machine. They will make one sock through many fine adjustments while talking directly with the craftsmen.

RoToTo socks can only be completed when the knitting machine, thread, and people are united.