• Perforated Washi Tape by Masco Eri -642

Perforated Washi Tape by Masco Eri -642

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This washi tape is designed by Japanese illustrator, Masco Eri and GOAT, a stationery shop in Okachimach (Japan), which is operated by a designer of the Japanese notebook brand LIFE. Besides as decoration, this washi tape is more practical as it features empty dialogue boxes with cute illustrations, which allow you to fill them with texts/messages. 

Unlike ordinary washi tape, there are perforated lines for each label along this washi tape, which allow you to tear off a piece of it easily. You could also use ball pen or marker pen to write on the washi tape. We believe this washi tape would add extra joy to you pages and outgoings.

These 7 pieces are all the pieces from this washi tape.

Size: 15mm x 41mm

Illustration by Masco Eri

Made in Japan