• Panda Bear Cushion
  • Panda Bear Cushion

Panda Bear Cushion

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Who could resist the chubby panda-bear sitting on your bed or couch? This animal-shaped cushion is a signature product by Tomotake studio based in Tokyo Japan.

It has great details-the maker keeps the stitches noticeable to show the panda's own characters.

It also comes with a canvas storage bag.


W370 × D110 × H310mm

100% cotton, made in Japan


About the brand "Tomotake" and muddy dyeing technique

“Tomotake” is the brand name of the husband-and-wife project where the dyeing artist Masahiro Tomotake and the designer Hiroko Tomotake are making things together. They are experts on muddy-dyeing. They extracted dannin from plants and mixed with iron-impregnated mud. The mud mixture turns fabric dark like ink-based material for their signature animal-shaped cusions.

The dyed cloth  will gradually show your own characters by developing over time with air or light, and fades.