• Painted Lotus Bud Cup by Momoko Otani (大谷桃子)

Painted Lotus Bud Cup by Momoko Otani (大谷桃子)

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Diameter: 7.5cm; height: 7cm; around 250 ml

This item is one painted cup in the photo. The saucer/small dish beneath the cup is sold separately. Each ceramic piece by Momoko Otani is handmade and hand-painted, thus there will be subtle difference in each plate. 

Momoko Otani created Otani Pottery Studio with her husband Tetsuya Otani in 2008.  Located in Shigaraki, one of the 6 oldest pottery sites in Japan.  The designs behind most of their works are developed from small ideas they come across in our daily lives.  Momoko’s works utilize iron-rich local clay treated with slip and distinct applications like hand painting and sgrafitto.

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