• Nicholson & Nicholson Muse Skirt (Black Denim)

Nicholson & Nicholson Muse Skirt (Black Denim)

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There are two kinds of length adjustments on the belt. Therefore, it's quite flexible in sizes. There are two large side pockets.

Size Waist Hip Inseam/ Rise
36 88  104  63  / 40 

(measurement in cm)

Model is 160 cm and wears size 36

The top worn inside is Nicholson & Nicholson Mary -Organdy Top 

100% cotton.
Made in Japan.

Yuka & Yusuke Nakagawa started the brand in 2007.

Nicholson & Nicholson was born in Kobe, Japan, the collection strives to create a new standard for everyday dressing.

Nicholson and Nicholson contains original ideas and materials that focus on structure and silhouette and highlight the charm of those who wear the garments.

"Nicholson & Nicholson tries to focus on the quality of the garment, that sticks to “made in Japan” where we live and work. Starting with fabrics we use for our collections, we creates our original fabrics by working with fabric suppliers in “BANSHUU” and “BISHUU” where good Japanese cotton and wool suppliers are based.

Our garments are carefully controlled and produced by experienced and trained sewing workers in Osaka, Japan. A circle of designers, suppliers and sewing workers makes garments realize “made in Japan” quality.

Initial ideas for designing clothes come from what we see, how we feel and how we appreciate in our life.

Then next, we express with textures and shapes."