• [New] Michelle Grimm Raku Fired Vase - 011

[New] Michelle Grimm Raku Fired Vase - 011

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Diameter: 9.5; height: 13.5 

One of a kind handmade, wheel thrown, raku fired vessel. Rim is turquoise blue with white crackle glaze. Suitable for dried flowers only.

"Happiness in the Accident" is the literal translation for Raku. Combining earth, air, fire and water, the maker must be prepared to let go of any expectations or attachments. Pieces crack, break and shatter under extreme thermal shock, inviting us to embrace the unexpected.

Raku is a low firing process originally used in Ancient tea ceremonies by the Zen Buddhist Masters because it embraces many Zen philosophies. The process of Raku involves removing pottery from the kiln when red hot and placing into combustible materials. The pottery then catches fire and is sealed off to starve off the oxygen, resulting in drastic thermal shock and creating crackling effect.