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  • Modern Kyoto Patterns
  • Modern Kyoto Patterns
  • Modern Kyoto Patterns

Modern Kyoto Patterns

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Kimono and yukata... Approximately 240 points of Showa interior designs.

Due to the import and development of mechanical printing machines, the dyeing industry has become possible for mass production. Especially in Kyoto, from the 1950s to the 1970s, new patterns were produced and produced one after another, from Japanese patterns to pop designs. This book contains about 240 items from the enormous number of designs left by Tetsuro Terada, who was active as a design artist at the height of his work. As the design changes, we follow the changes of the times.

This book is compiled by Kyoto Institute of Technology, Museum of Arts and Crafts Museum

Namiki Seishi
Born in 1955. After working as a curator at the Tokugawa Art Museum and an assistant at Kyoto University, he is now a professor at Kyoto Institute of Technology and director of the museum. Specializes in Japanese art history and museum studies. His main publications include "Modern Kyoto Arts and Crafts -Production, Distribution, and Appreciation-" (edited by Shibunkaku Publishing, 2019).

Aya Ueda
Born in 1964. Specializes in modern Japanese art. Doctor of Arts. Graduated from Kwansei Gakuin University Graduate School in 1989. Currently a part-time lecturer at Kwansei Gakuin University and a part-time lecturer at Doshisha Women's University. A recent study is "From Kyoto to Africa: Report on the Printing Industry in Kyoto in the 1960s in the Daido Malta Collection" (Kyoto Institute of Technology, Cultural Heritage Education Research Center, 2014).

Mihoko Aoki
Born in 1960. Specializes in Japanese clothing history. Graduated from Kyoto Women's University in 1983, and graduated from Kyoto Institute of Technology in 2007 with a doctorate. Currently a professor at Kyoto Women's University. Major publications include “Kyoto Modern Art and Craft Network” (co-edited by Seiji Namiki, Shibunkaku Publishing, 2017).


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