• [TOKYO KODO 東京香堂] Incense "LOTUS DU JAPON"
  • [TOKYO KODO 東京香堂] Incense "LOTUS DU JAPON"
  • [TOKYO KODO 東京香堂] Incense "LOTUS DU JAPON"


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Floral, powdery and characterized by feminine sweetness. The beautiful lotus flowers bloom in muddy water rather than clear water. Therefore, it is very metaphorical and symbolic. You can enjoy the fragrance with a feeling of love and the unique charm of the lotus.

duration 16 min., L70mm

The First Collection

TOKYO KODO's first Collection is a unique concept combining the traditional techniques and the ancient olfactory art of the Japanese incense, enchanted by the method of the French perfume creations.

The founder and perfumer of the brand, Chikako, created 5 scents with passion influenced by cultures from all around the world since ancient times.

These scents come together in perfect harmony and we look upon our incense as invisible art.


  • Always use an incense holder.
  • Place the fireproof paper or a ceramic plate under the incense holder.
  • Keep out of reach of children and animals.
  • Avoid high temperatures and humidity.
  • Burning time depends on surrounding conditions and seasons.
  • Do not use close to flammable objects.
  • When burning incense, do not leave it unattended.

Please use the product carefully and responsibly.

The white stone incense holder can be purchased here

Designer: Chikako

"I am a perfumery artist specialized in incense fragrances with a particular focus on natural materials.

I graduated from Tama Art University in Japan and Grasse Institute of Perfumery located in Grasse, Southern France, which is renowned as the town of perfume industry.

It is my desire to cherish and embrace the energy of Nature."