• ICHENDORF Milano High Rise Pitcher+Glass Set (Smoke/Clear)
  • ICHENDORF Milano High Rise Pitcher+Glass Set (Smoke/Clear)


ICHENDORF Milano High Rise Pitcher+Glass Set (Smoke/Clear)

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A lovely summer pitcher, as well as can be used as a vase! The glass can be stacked directly on the pitcher for easy storage. 

Please note that the glass is sold separately. Please select the glass in the variant option. You can select multiple glasses to pair with the pitcher.

Size of the pitcher:

Diameter: 9 cm

Height: 20.3 cm



Size of the glass:

Diameter: 5.5 cm

Height: 7.7 cm


ICHENDORF Milano, the company history began back in the early years of the twentieth century in a small town near Cologne, named Quadrath-Ichendorf. In 1990 Ichendorf Style Center moved and settled in Milan, creative point of convergence where artists and designer can guide the gesture of master-glaziers to the creation of light, swift forms, brought to life from a mark on a piece of paper, a creative idea, down to the manipulation of substances by the masters’ blow.

The great idea at the root of the productive philosophy of Ichendorf is the encounter of tradition and innovation, of ancient techniques and modern lines.