• BARBAR TERRA Plate Natural (18.5 cm/23.5 cm)
  • BARBAR TERRA Plate Natural (18.5 cm/23.5 cm)
  • BARBAR TERRA Plate Natural (18.5 cm/23.5 cm)

BARBAR TERRA Plate Natural (18.5 cm/23.5 cm)

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L: φ23.5×H2cm

M: φ18.5×H1.3cm

This plate is sure to highlight any meal, no matter the cuisine, with a wide outer rim that’s easy to hold and hard to spill. This wide rim not only helps you to keep food on your plate and off your fingers, but it also forms an attractive frame around food that flatters any kind of cooking.  Handmade by Hasami artisans and craftsmen.  Each product features unique variations due to the nature of the glaze and depending on placement in the kiln.  Boiling your item in rice broth before first use will help fill in small gaps and help prevent staining due to the starchy quality of the broth. Soak each piece in water before each each use, which will allow it to further absorb moisture and prevent staining.  The porous surface of this product absorbs water easily, which may result in stain and odor if not properly dried. Oil and food absorbed through the hibi crack patterns of the surface may also result in stain, odor, and mold.  Abrupt temperature changes may cause the item to crack. Please make sure the item is at room temperature when heating in the microwave. Do not soak in cold water.  Partial changes in temperature can cause the item to crack. Be careful not to expose only one part of the item to heat.

Natural color, unglazed on the top; glazed on the bottom.

About BARBAR brand:

BARBAR fires its ceramics in Nagasaki Prefecture’s Hasami and Saga Prefecture’s Arita areas, two cradles of porcelain manufacturing in Japan. It has come to terms with its long lineage of tradition and technique, refined in Hasami over four centuries, and offer its own take on Japanese craftsmanship and its relevance to modern-day life.

The TERRA series under BARBAR takes its name from the Latin word for earth and is available in three colors: natural, gray, and black. The series’ simple design exudes an organic warmth full of natural beauty. Unique yet somehow familiar, this series can easily be incorporated into any setting.