• BARBAR Kouhaku Lovebird Cup (White)
  • BARBAR Kouhaku Lovebird Cup (White)
  • BARBAR Kouhaku Lovebird Cup (White)


BARBAR Kouhaku Lovebird Cup (White)

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Soba-choco cups that would enliven any special occasion. Lucky designs drawn in gold.

You can purchase a pair by adding the red one.

This cups show golden lovebirds huddled inside in a play on the traditional Japanese oshidori (mallard duck) motif. They are best suited as presents for weddings and anniversaries as a symbol of a happy home.

φ8×H6.1cm / 170cc

About BARBAR brand:

BARBAR fires its ceramics in Nagasaki Prefecture’s Hasami and Saga Prefecture’s Arita areas, two cradles of porcelain manufacturing in Japan. It has come to terms with its long lineage of tradition and technique, refined in Hasami over four centuries, and offer its own take on Japanese craftsmanship and its relevance to modern-day life.