• BARBAR Iroha Cup/Circle
  • BARBAR Iroha Cup/Circle


BARBAR Iroha Cup/Circle

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The kurawanka bowl was one of the most common porcelain dishes made in the town of Hasami during the Edo period and was most commonly used by the peasantry. Ceramic producers of the time found resourceful ways to provide the common class with costly porcelain at cheaper prices. Kurawanka dishes are characterized by their simple, gosu blue patterns on grayish porcelain. Its charming patterns, which have been painted in thick, elongated lines, are still just as charming today as they were in the past. It brings the simple, familiar feel of kurawanka bowls to a modern audience with these patterns from the period.

Dishwasher and microwave safe. Enjoy the unique, handpainted look and feel of each pattern.

Size: φ8×H6.6cm / 190cc

About BARBAR brand:

BARBAR fires its ceramics in Nagasaki Prefecture’s Hasami and Saga Prefecture’s Arita areas, two cradles of porcelain manufacturing in Japan. It has come to terms with its long lineage of tradition and technique, refined in Hasami over four centuries, and offer its own take on Japanese craftsmanship and its relevance to modern-day life.