• BARBAR IROE Cup -  Pug
  • BARBAR IROE Cup -  Pug


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This item only comes with one Pug Cup shown in the first photo. The second photo is a reference for a set of five.

Imari porcelain of the Edo period featured particularly delicate and gorgeous paintings that fascinated the West and would later leave a lasting impact on the production of ceramics in Europe. Among Edo-period Imari porcelain, Enpo-era pieces are thought to be the most elegant. Based on its delicate shades and styles, Iro-e combines traditional designs with household pets.


Pygmy Hedgehog
The traditional motif of a squirrel on a grapevine symbolizes fertility and longevity and has long been considered a good luck charm in Japan. Here, we’ve taken the squirrel, once a symbol of fertility due to its resemblance to the rat, and swapped it for a cute four-toed hedgehog.

Size:  φ8×H6.1cm / 170cc


Additional Information

Do not put overglaze products in the dishwasher. Microwave safe.

About BARBAR brand:

BARBAR fires its ceramics in Nagasaki Prefecture’s Hasami and Saga Prefecture’s Arita areas, two cradles of porcelain manufacturing in Japan. It has come to terms with its long lineage of tradition and technique, refined in Hasami over four centuries, and offer its own take on Japanese craftsmanship and its relevance to modern-day life.