• BARBAR Floating Garden Big Butterfly Plate
  • BARBAR Floating Garden Big Butterfly Plate


BARBAR Floating Garden Big Butterfly Plate

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This plate depicts exotic worlds that combine elements of disparate times and cultures into sophisticated Japanesque design, reminiscent of the eccentric zugawari designs of late Edo-period Imari porcelain. It is decorated with floating garden motifs such as clouds, waxing and waning moons, butterflies, and eight-pointed stars.

In order to reproduce the dazzling contrast of the blue and white transfers at the time, we devised our own color concoction, producing numerous prototypes before reaching results we were happy with.

The edge of the plate is lined with a green overglaze that completes the design, combining traditional dyeing techniques with modern elements.

Size:  φ23.8×H3.4cm

Additional information:

The copperplate transfer printing technique used can result in slips and gaps that create subtle variations.
Do not put overglaze products in the dishwasher. Microwave safe.
Actual products may differ from the colors and textures seen in photos.
Changes in production may result in changes to the design and other specifications.
Abrupt temperature changes may cause the item to crack. Please make sure the item is at room temperature when heating in the microwave. Do not soak in cold water.
Partial changes in temperature can cause the item to crack. Be careful not to expose only one part of the item to heat.


About BARBAR brand:

BARBAR fires its ceramics in Nagasaki Prefecture’s Hasami and Saga Prefecture’s Arita areas, two cradles of porcelain manufacturing in Japan. It has come to terms with its long lineage of tradition and technique, refined in Hasami over four centuries, and offer its own take on Japanese craftsmanship and its relevance to modern-day life.