Collection: Yed Omi Earrings (Portland)

This husband and wife team launched YedOmi Jewelry in 2001. The magic happens in their studio in Portland, Oregon. Together, they create fluid, wearable compositions that capture the intricate beauty of the ocean with minerals of the earth. Each piece is handcrafted and often one of a kind. Age old techniques are used to hand make each piece from scratch. A recognized signature of YedOmi Jewelry is intricate metal work in most pieces. Their signature metalsmithing technique is a form of kinetic granulation that they like to call "caviar". Tiny sterling silver rounds crown gems and cascade into earrings. 

"When we have a design day in the studio, we like to challenge each other with new designs or variations of our classic ones. If Yed says that my colors are wrong, I know I've got them right!"~Naomi Campos