Mashiko Ware Ceramics

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Mashiko ware is produced in the area around the town of Mashiko in the Tochigi prefecture. The clay used in Mashiko ware is rich in silicic acid and iron with a high plasticity, making it is easy to shape and highly fire-resistant. Unlike other potteries, no extra ingredients are added to the clay; this is the secret behind Mashiko ware's thickness. 

Some point out that this pottery is heavy and fragile but we can also say that this familiar feeling which can only be found in Mashiko ware is what makes it so charming.

Mashiko ware's glazes are made with stone powder and scrap iron powder and the colors are laid on with dog-hair brushes. This creates a round look as well as giving depth to the colors. 

Mashiko ware is easy to glaze which enables the artisans to use various traditional techniques, such as white engobe or brush marks, to create unique powerful pieces.