The Beauty of Y Glass by Sori Yanagi

by Cecilia Liu

   Sori Yanagi was born as a son of the Japanese Folk Crafts Museum founder, Soetsu Yanagi, in 1915. Having the background of studying both art and architecture in school, he pioneered Japanese postwar industrial design. He also designed the torch holder and the seats in the stadium for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964. The designer’s focus was to always create long-life products that people finds timelessly useful in everyday life. His philosophy and passion towards the organic beauty in his line of work have been appreciated around the world.

  Y Glass was the revived version of a glass that Sori Yanagi designed in 1966. The vertically lined dots are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also prevents the glass from slipping off. A truly timeless and classic work of art. 

  We have three colours available in stock: amber, blue and clear. Purchase link can be found here