A Dream Within a Dream

A Dream Within a Dream

Featuring Corduroi Club White Pocket Tee




Established in 2015, [corduroi club] is a Vancouver-based casual wear label committed to the highest quality and simplicity. Through the integration of contemporary designs with traditional manufacturing techniques, [corduroi club] strives to create garments that age beautifully and endures over the years. From the details of the fit to the selection of materials, attention has been given to each aspect of the product. The name [corduroi club] is derived from the French term “cœur du roi”meaning the heart of the King—the pursuit of excellence and good work in our daily lives. This stands as the sole focus of the brand in creating “everyday wearables” where the simpleness of the garments highlights the uniqueness and beauty of each individual.

Everyday goods for extraordinary people.



[On every staircase like this there's a Chow Mo-wan.]


Care Instruction:

1. Machine wash cold
2. Wash with whites
3. Use Tide for normal wash or OxiClean for spot clean
4. Put in dryer or hang dry
5. Steam shirt before wear for best results 


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